Residential Phone

Use your high-speed Internet connection to make and receive calls using your existing touch-tone home phones!

Need to make international calls?

Local and long-distance calls to the United States and Canada are included with our service, and calls outside the United States and Canada are just $0.15 per minute!

How Mercury Phone Service Works

Mercury Phone service connects your calls using your high-speed Internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.
All you need is...

High-Speed Internet
Mercury Phone Adaptor
Touch-tone Phone
Make & Receive Calls!



Get Started
  • Flat-Rate Price
  • No per-minute charges
  • $25

    Per Month

What Clients Say

Taxes and fees not included

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you need a high-speed Internet connection of your own to use Mercury Phone service.

Yes, as long as it is a high-speed cable modem, DSL, fiber, or wireless connection. Mercury Phone service does not work with dial-up or satellite connections.

For customers getting a new phone number, we can set you up today. To move an existing number to Mercury typically takes one to two weeks.

A Mercury Phone Adapter, which is included with the service at the prices shown, and a touch-tone phone.

Yes. Whether you are a “snowbird” spending half your time in another state, or are just taking an extended vacation, you can take your Mercury Phone Adapter with you and use it with any high-speed Internet connection.

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